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Posted by DeliciousOrange - November 11th, 2013

We're going to print! This December our indiegogo backers will be getting their copies of Schoolgirls Love Tentacles! If you missed out on the indiegogo and want to get in on all the tentacle goodness, we're taking preorders for a very limited time at Delicious Orange!

That's not all though, we've got a few special bonuses and announcements to make as well!

What's better than playing games with friends? Playing those games with a tasty beverage! The folks behind Tentacle Grape soda are retooling their carbonated concoction to cut the corn syrup and are replacing it with natural cane sugar!

They need your support to make it happen! Check out Tentacle Grape's Indiegogo campaign and you grab yourself a deluge of tasty treats, including cases of the tentitular beverage and gorgeous art by Studio Cutepet.

Even tastier still, Tentacle Grape's magnificent mascots Murasaki and Budou are making a special guest appearance in Schoolgirls Love Tentacles! So grab a copy and get your tentacle on!

Schoolgirls Love Tentacles News!

Posted by DeliciousOrange - July 13th, 2013

Back from the ashes and better than ever! Schoolgirls Love Tentacles is now raising funds via Indiegogo!

Check it out!

Schoolgirls Love Tentacles is on Kickstarter!

Posted by DeliciousOrange - October 10th, 2012

Vitamin See 2012 is available for order!
24 FULL COLOR pages packed with illustrations of cute and sexy girls!

Vitamin See 2012

Posted by DeliciousOrange - September 30th, 2012

Information available here

Commissions Open

Posted by DeliciousOrange - August 10th, 2011

Sasuke1ex1 actually ask me a really interesting question recently, one that I wasn't immediately sure how to put into words, so I decided to take a moment to think about and share some the ideas that I think are fundamental for an artist to embrace.

Well that's a really complicated question. I don't know if I can really properly explain everything that goes on in the process of my drawing, but I think I may be able to at least steer you towards some additional resources that you may find useful.

If I had to boil it down to just the essentials, I would say the important things to do to improve your artwork would be:

1) Observe nature and draw freehand
Even when you don't have ideas leaping to get out of your head; nature is full of really interesting things to draw and carefully observing and recreating them helps develop the skills you'll need to properly reproduce ideas that exist ONLY in your head. Many young artists get hung up on trying to reproduce existing images or art styles, but that's not going to help you become a better artist. The most essential skill of any artist is the ability to convey a concept from their mind onto paper and drawing freehand from observation is a low pressure way to develop the skills you will need to do that.

2) Practice!
Brilliance is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. Some people may be gifted with natural talent, but most artists are as good as they are because they WORK at it. Not everything you draw has to be some sort of masterpiece. A sketch on a napkin is just as good for practicing as a velvet canvas. In fact, divorcing yourself from thinking everything has to be perfect the first time is one of the biggest hurdles to the creation of good artwork. Sketch, be messy, throw away anything that doesn't work and just try again. Don't erase, redraw. Be loose, be fast, as Bruce Lee famously said "be like water". Through this you will help improve not only your technical skill, but also your speed, allowing you to draw more in less time, effectively allowing your effort to snowball.

3) Try new things!
Never dismiss something as being not worth drawing at least once. Drawing unusual subjects can often teach you more about subjects you're already familiar with. The same can be said of stylization, don't lock your-self into thinking you're a ______ artist. Draw photo-realistically, cartoon, play with finger paints, try to emulate your favorite artist, then try to emulate the style of an artist you DON'T like. The things you learn from these experiments will be surprising and help you improve your own work.

FAQ - Tips for artists

Posted by DeliciousOrange - February 2nd, 2010

Special thanks to j-qb for letting me into the Art Portal. I've never really used Newgrounds before if you can believe it, but it seems like a lot of fun so far.