Vitamin See 2012

2012-10-10 06:11:22 by DeliciousOrange

Vitamin See 2012 is available for order!
24 FULL COLOR pages packed with illustrations of cute and sexy girls!

Vitamin See 2012


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2012-11-06 13:09:41

Could you add a sample picture or two for Vitamin See on your blogspot, maybe a tiny panel of 6 or 8 random pics? And thanks for the voting day picture! The place where I vote is still standing, so off I go.

DeliciousOrange responds:

Done and Done


2013-03-18 02:13:20

why do you respond to every thing.

(Updated ) DeliciousOrange responds:

Why shouldn't I respond if you take the time to comment?


2013-03-25 14:19:12

You inspire me.

DeliciousOrange responds:

Thanks! I'm always glad to help!


2013-04-20 20:46:23

Ah so tenta-bento is a Game huh , damn and here I was hoping to see a 43+pg Comic would be linked somewhere , still good to know you will still bring in pics from the game till you got some other new that's in the works , right ???

DeliciousOrange responds:

You can expect more Tentacle Bento artwork coming soon. There will be more news about it as I continue to make progress with it.


2013-05-17 23:26:34

why is your work so dope ? I just stumbled across you today sooo gooood !

(Updated ) DeliciousOrange responds:

I draw every day. It takes practice and I've got a lot more practice yet to do!