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Schoolgirls Love Tentacles News!

2013-11-11 17:35:26 by DeliciousOrange

We're going to print! This December our indiegogo backers will be getting their copies of Schoolgirls Love Tentacles! If you missed out on the indiegogo and want to get in on all the tentacle goodness, we're taking preorders for a very limited time at Delicious Orange!

That's not all though, we've got a few special bonuses and announcements to make as well!

What's better than playing games with friends? Playing those games with a tasty beverage! The folks behind Tentacle Grape soda are retooling their carbonated concoction to cut the corn syrup and are replacing it with natural cane sugar!

They need your support to make it happen! Check out Tentacle Grape's Indiegogo campaign and you grab yourself a deluge of tasty treats, including cases of the tentitular beverage and gorgeous art by Studio Cutepet.

Even tastier still, Tentacle Grape's magnificent mascots Murasaki and Budou are making a special guest appearance in Schoolgirls Love Tentacles! So grab a copy and get your tentacle on!

Schoolgirls Love Tentacles News!


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2013-11-11 21:19:52

well not sure about the drink but this art here is simply adorable