Schoolgirls Love Tentacles is on Kickstarter!

2013-07-13 00:13:18 by DeliciousOrange

Back from the ashes and better than ever! Schoolgirls Love Tentacles is now raising funds via Indiegogo!

Check it out!

Schoolgirls Love Tentacles is on Kickstarter!


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2013-07-13 15:49:51

Wow, had no idea all this art was going towards a card game, or any game.

Congrats, this looks like it'll make it easily


2013-07-15 06:15:49

Already backed! look forward to the game!


2013-07-16 04:14:47

And no funding is suspended, i don't see how this game breaks ANY rules... like people have said they have seen far more mature things get funded with little or no fuss. Oh well...